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Sectors Textile Sector

Textile consists of processes such as fibre, yarn, weaving, knitting, dying and printing and ready-made clothing is about converting raw materials into consumer products as a result of these processes. The process up to the ready-made clothing is considered as “textile” and the following process is considered as “ready-made clothing” sector.

Both sectors are one of the labour-intensive sectors having substantial contribution in the growth of developing countries and become stage to fierce competition in the global market. The competition increased in both supply and demand ends with the removal of the quotas.

Companies attached great importance to branding in such a competitive environment.

In this competition-intensive sector, it became more important to turn cost advantages into opportunities through effective processing methods.

For this purpose, please contact KOERM to benefit from the following services we offer:

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■ HR Services

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As KOERM Team, we founded this organization with the awareness and confidence of working together for years and we came together with specialists having experiences accumulated over years...

As Members of KOERM Team, we act with the self-confidence we owe to our knowledge and experiences accumulated over years...

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