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Carrier Our Career Policy

Our organization provides support by continuous internal trainings and practices in order to improve the professional knowledge of our staff.

Employees are offered numerous opportunities in the field of expertise they choose due to the wide range of services we provide. Our employees develop skills under the supervision of our experts.

In addition, they are supported in the course of internship and examination processes so they can obtain official professional Certificates.

Our staff members are supported and encouraged to obtain International Certificates in addition to the Local Certificates.

Our employees are given titles based on the positions established within the organization and remuneration policies are developed based on these titles.
Organization and Team
As KOERM Team, we founded this organization with the awareness and confidence of working together for years and we came together with specialists having experiences accumulated over years...

As Members of KOERM Team, we act with the self-confidence we owe to our knowledge and experiences accumulated over years...

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